Define your own Business Rules. Become BedBank of your product

Connectycs is a Commercial Mediation Ecosystem designed and directed to the Hotel Industry, which in its essence, Empowers Suppliers and Clients in their Direct Commercial Relations thanks to the Client Empowerment Distribution CED concept.

Our CED ecosystem is present in the four structural pillars of the tourism industry: standardization and transparency in contracting, connectivity, traceability in operations, security, certainty in collections, and access to alternative sources of financing.


Redesign your B2B distribution line, define your customer network and become the BedBank of your product.


Automated E-Billing process according to your Business rules with full integration with Connectycs Booking Engine.


Certainty in Collection, as we own our payment processor that let us to be more efficient, traceable and secure than VCC's or any other payment solution.


Verified invoices and Irrevocable Collections that let you to access to alternative financing for your company.

Why Client Empowerment Distribution?

We ease technological mediation that empowers Suppliers and Clients, allowing them to settle direct agreements, with total transparency in commercialization and absolute traceability of the distribution process.

To achieve this, we provide an ecosystem that Integrates and Automates the Contracting flow, Distribution, eBilling, Conciliation, Payment and Financing in a unique technological platform.

Our CED ecosystem let you to optimize your Commercial Network, monitor your Pricing Strategy, standardize the Operational Processes, obtain Certainty in Collections and access to new Financing Sources.

My BedBank My Business Rules?

Get access to your own product configuration in the Booking Engine, you only have to set up the product once and it will be visible in all distribution channels of your network.

Define your rate mix structure to give access to your clients, get aligned with their distribution and segment conditions: StandAlone, Package, NonRefundable, etc... this way, you will have a conscious management over your rates, minimizing discrepancies and errors in your distribution.

Each Booking sold is automatically invoiced in real time, based on the Business Rules defined between supplier and customer, reducing errors, costs, and process timings.

Automatic, Traceable and Reliable

We standardize the entire flow of Operations. Thanks to the integration with the Booking Engine, the ecosystem is present from the booking formalization to it is collection.

The business rules agreed with your clients are automatically activated, generating an electronic invoice for each confirmed booking reference.

100% compatible with any management system either via Web Service or file exchange in standard format for an agile and simple accounting reconciliation.


We provide a high capacity of distribution and connectivity to any Hotel Chain. Our mediation platform has an international presence and more than 33,000 connected operators, TTOOs, OTAs, Wholesale Agencies and Retail Networks.

Booking Engine

We are fully integrated with the Juniper Booking Engine. All your commercialization, billing and reconciliation is traceable in real time, allowing you to set your Distribution Strategy as BedBank of your product.

eBilling Portal

Automated billing, reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies thanks to the integration with the Booking Engine. Define your business rules on our platform, and reconcile with your PMS and ERP in a 100% compatible way.

Payment Process

Your BedBank, your business rules, automated billing ... and a payment platform that provides greater certainty in collection thanks to the promissory note system. Safer, reliable and cost efficient than VCC's.


Connectycs is a unique ecosystem. It is the first operator in the industry that integrates a Payment and Financing Processor as a differential element in the commercialization, and it has a reason: To Offer Collection Certainty to our Users.

We do not depend on external infrastructure to process payments. We have our own Entity: FinPay EDE S.A.U. registered with N6718 in the Bank of Spain Entity Register. We are more efficient, transparent, and secure than the VCC alternative.

The Distributor becomes a Preferred Customer of its Hoteliers thanks to the payment conditions and certainty that it will provide. A Supply Chain Finance model adapted to Tourism.

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